How to activate your Titan Live account

Every student, faculty member, and staff member at GTCC is assigned a Titan Live ID that is used for multiple services such as email, Moodle.  The same credentials are used to access multiple resources at the college.

However, before you can start using your Titan Live ID you must register and activate your account.  Registering your account not only activates it but allows you to enroll in the self-service password reset system so that you may reset your own password if forgotten.  Activation is done through the password management portal at  This website allows users to activate their Titan Live ID’s as well as change your password if forgotten.
To activate your account follow the procedure below:

Step 1. To enable your Titan Live ID you must go to the website

Step 2. Use the Sign in box to register and activate your account.  If you are unsure what your username is you may use the What’s my Titan Live ID? link listed on the page. Your default password will be your birth date (MMDDYY).  Please note that for live@edu your login name needs to have appended at the end (i.e. but for every other resource  you will not need your domain attached to your name.


Step 3. Once you have successfully logged in you will be prompted to change your password.  The password policy will be displayed and will be similar to the one in the image below.


Step 4. After you have successfully changed your password you will be prompted to register for the password self-service program.  This will allow you to change your password if forgotten as well as unlock your account.  Select click here.


Step 5. You will need to select three questions and answer them.  You may uncheck the Hide Answers box to see what answers you are typing.  The policy for the answers will be displayed and may change from the image below.  Once you have selected and answered your question click enroll.


Step 6. After clicking enroll you have successfully activated your Titan Live account.  It may take 5 minutes for the account to become active on Live@edu, but your account will be active immediately for services such as moodle.