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Audiovisual Services

Audiovisual Frequently Asked questions

What services are available?

Services include but not limited to the following:

  • Support for classroom technology
  • Technical support for events
  • Video recording, live streaming and video-conferencing
  • Basic audio and video editing
  • VHS to DVD conversion
  • Equipment purchasing assistance and installation
  • Equipment maintenance and repair

In addition to the services provided in connection with equipment checkout, events, and classroom technology, ITS also offers training on how to use classroom technology and other ITS related products. We can convert you instructional content from VHS to DVD. We also offer limited editing of both audio and video for events and presentations.

Who do I contact for video production services?

Unfortunately, ITS does not offer video production services comparable to the content development services the eLearning department offered in the past. The college does not currently have video production staff. However, ITS does offer live streaming and recording of events.

Purchasing and Installation of Equipment

What do I do if I want to buy my own equipment?

We would be happy to assist you with research, product recommendations, and obtaining quotes from qualified vendors. Submit an ITS Service Desk ticket for a purchase request.

Setting Up Remote Interviews

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In AdAstra, reserve one of the rooms equipped with Cisco Telepresence listed below and selected the resource “Video-conferencing”.


Submit an ITS Service Desk ticket and include the interview schedule.


Direct the interview candidates to http://its.gtcc.edu/remote-interviews/ for instructions on getting in touch with ITS and setup


Use group email address interviews@gtcc.edu for correspondence; which notifies all technical support team members involved in making remote interviews successful.

Cisco Telepresence Rooms

  • Medlin Guilford Room (CC 360)
  • Medlin President’s Boardroom (CC 310)
  • Greensboro New & Record Room (W1221)
  • Aviation Boardroom (AV3 410)
  • High Point Conference Room (H5 111)
  • Cameron Conference Center Boardroom (C1 203)
  • Koury Parlor (HM 225)
  • President’s Office (CC 306)
  • High Point Community Room (H4 203) – View site only

Event Planning Audiovisual Guide

    1. Submit a request online in AdAstra. Approval and confirmation are managed by Administrative Services.
      Dates: Be sure to include all dates.
      “My event is Feb 25 but my colleagues want to see the space on Feb 15 and we need to rehearse on February 23. So I should reserve all these dates now.”
      Time: Be sure to include time to set up prior to the event and time to clear out afterwards. Also note the actually start time of your event in the Other Information section.
      “My event will start at 10AM but participants will begin to arrive for check-in around 9AM. We end for lunch at noon but there will likely be questions and pamphlets to handout. I should reserve the space from 8AM-1PM and mention that we don’t start until 10AM.”
      Resources: Include any audiovisual needs as shown below.


Lectern-PA-For meetings and ceremonies that do not have any video presentations (microphones are included with wireless options)

“I just need to get all my staff together to discuss some changes and give recognition to a few for their hard work.”

Media Cart

MediaCartFor projection of visual presentations using the computer such as PowerPoint, Prezi or YouTube (also request Lectern/PA)

“I need all History students to see and discuss this two-hour video for an upcoming project.”


RecordingFor recording or live streaming of events (limited availability)

“Our partners at another campus really need to hear this too. There are also several people out sick or on vacation that need to see it later.”

Sound System

SoundSystemFor events and performances held in the cafeteria or outdoors such as Founders’ Day

“I booked a band to play at the finish line for this year’s on-campus fundraiser marathon. We also have announcements and prizes to give out.”


TechnicianFor complicated set-ups and high profile events where a technician is present for the duration of the event, expect a technician to arrive 0:30 to 1:00 before the event (limited availability)

“The governor is coming to speak and several companies have videos to share showcasing their different products and services.”

Video Conferencing Capabilities

VideoConferencing-For point-to-point video connection with other sites (limited availability)

“We have to interview several candidates from the vice president position that live hundreds of miles away. It’s too much for them to come here.”

2. Use AdAstra, and notify Administrative Services of any changes to your event, especially cancellations.

3. If you have AV questions, call ITS at extension 50156.