Welcome to ITS Classrooms & Computer Labs Technical Support

GTCC has over 450 classrooms, computer labs, and lab carts operating during the semester.

ITS understands your classroom and computer labs are a critical tool used for teaching and learning.  We are dedicated to keeping lab computers up and running at all times.  If you experience a problem in your classroom or lab, here are some guidelines to help resolve the issue in a timely manner.

We Are Here for You:

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Guidelines for Submitting a Service Request

  • Be specific about the issue. For instance, if one computer is down, indicate which one and where it is located in the lab. Give a meaningful description of the issue:
    • The computer is functioning correctly, but can’t get on the Internet.
    • Student cannot log in to this computer, but can use a different one in the lab.
    • The computer comes on, but the mouse will not respond.
  • If only one or two computers are having an issue, put a note on the computer and if possible, move the student to a working computer.  Please fill out the Service Desk on-line form by clicking on the link.
  • Letting ITS know you are experiencing a problem in your classroom or Lab is the fastest way to address the issue.  If the web link is not working to open a Service Desk Ticket please call x52909.