Do you send emails that contain confidential information? Do you send information including employee personnel files and student information like passwords, social security numbers, bank account numbers, credit card information, health records, or student financial information? Did you know that this information goes over the internet in plain text and is easily read by any hacker? Below is a simple process from the GTCC Information Security Manual that will secure these emails:

Word/Excel 2010 Procedure

  • Enter private data in a Word or Excel file, then click on File, click on Info, click on Protect Workbook, and click on Encrypt with Password.
  • Enter a password into the Password box and click on OK. In the Confirm Password dialog enter the password in the Reenter password box and click OK.
  • Save the Word or Excel file and email this encrypted file.
  • Let the recipient(s) know what the password is either in a separate email or via phone.


Wes Caudill
Information Security Officer