Audiovisual Troubleshooting Common Issue

Equipment Checkout

How do I checkout a projector and laptop for off campus presentations?

Submit an ITS Service Desk ticket and fill out a Check-Out form.

Do you have portable screens?

We have a limited amount of portable projection screens available measuring 60”, 80”, or 100” diagonally.

Do you checkout flipcharts or whiteboards?

Unfortunately we do not have flipcharts or whiteboards for checkout. ITS does not manage the circulation of these items.

Do you have overhead projectors?

We no longer support this form of technology. We have provided document cameras in the majority of our classrooms and meeting spaces that serve a similar function and the overhead transparency machines. The advantage of the document camera is that you can display solid and 3D items such as photos or textbooks.

What other items are available for checkout?

You may checkout Laptops, tablets, iPods, video cameras, projectors, projection screens, sound systems and more. If you are not sure whether we offer a certain item, please call. All items are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Can a student checkout equipment?

Students cannot checkout equipment. Only faculty/staff may checkout equipment.

Where do I go to pick up equipment?

We are located in the Medlin Campus Center on the Jamestown Campus, room 117. Use the phone on the column outside the glassed in area to gain entry.

How do I know if the equipment is available?

If you submit an ITS Service Desk ticket, you will receive a response concerning the availability of the equipment you’ve requested.

Requests for Events

How do I request technology for my upcoming event on campus?

Request the technology you need for your event when you reserve the space using the college room scheduling system. Be sure to reserve at least 30 minutes prior to you event for set up and include the actual start time of the event in the section for additional information.

How much notice does ITS need to support my event?

Please give use as much notice as possible to accommodate you, especially for event that occur after hours. We require 48 hours or 2 business days. However, keep in mind that technicians may not be available to support last minute events.

Can you stream my event live to other campuses?

Live streaming is available in our auditoriums and a few select meeting rooms. Recording/streaming should be requested when the room is reserved. You will receive an email with a link for the event. Share this link with participants to view on the web. Participants should test the link prior to the event as a Microsoft Silverlight download may be needed.

Can you record my event?

Recording is available in our auditoriums and a few select meeting rooms. Recording/streaming should be requested when the room is reserved. You will receive a link for the recording after the event. Share this link with viewers. All live steaming event are recorded and viewable with same link provided for the live viewing.

What other items and services are available for events?

Besides providing support for the projection, audio and video systems, we can also assist with planning your event. If you need help some audiovisual aspects of your presentation, please let us know.

When will you set up for my event?

A technician will setup at least 30 minutes prior to the event start time. For some events, such as pinning ceremonies, a technician will arrive one hour prior to the event start time in order to play background music as the audience members arrive.

What does the request for “Rep AV” mean?

Rep AV means that an audiovisual technician will be present for the duration of the event. This type of support is restricted to certain events based on need due to limited staff. Events requiring a technician’s presence for the duration include event held in the auditoriums using the projection system; honors events such as pinning ceremonies, awards ceremonies, and graduations; events that are recorded or streamed; and events requiring the setup of a portable sound system for live music, talent showcases or other performances. You do not need to request a representative for audiovisual to setup for you event. We are notified when any audiovisual technology is requested and schedule the setup automatically.

What does technical assistance entail?

Depending on the complexity of technology for the event, a technician may remain the entire time to adjust lighting, play audiovisual content, operate video camera, facilitate live streaming, and assist with any technical difficulties that arise. If the presence of a technician is not necessary, one will return after the conclusion of the event to retrieve the equipment.

Does the technician stay the whole time?

A technician will remain for the duration of an event if necessary. Technicians are not available to be present for all events as they are limited and events often overlap or occur simultaneously.

Who will the technician be?

There are currently five ITS technicians designated or trained to assist with events. ITS will determine who support each event based on availability.

Where will the technician be?

In the auditoriums, you will generally find a technician in the booth at the back of the room where all system controls reside. For events using a portable sound system, you will find the technician with the equipment rack a sound board facing the stage.

Why did I receive an email about my event from Manage Engine Service Desk?

A service desk ticket is created for every event to account for the work that ITS does in connection with that event.

What type of equipment is available for community events and outside organizations not sponsored by GTCC?

ITS will only provide a sound system and TV cart for outside groups. See the official policy under the section on Use of Facilities in the Management Manual.