FAQ’s about WebAdvisor And My.GTCC

Who do I call if I’m having issues?

Call anytime for 24/7 support at: x52909 or 1-866-826-3748

You can also get help and information about your application status and look up your username at either of these links:

Why can’t I log in to WebAdvisor?

  • You should use Mozilla Firefox to access WebAdvisor. Certain browsers, like Google Chrome, will not work.
  • If you are a new student, make sure that you’ve activated your account at http://myaccount.gtcc.edu first or you will NOT be able to access your TitanLive email, Moodle or WebAdvisor.
  • Moodle & WebAdvisor use the same username and password (prefix of your email address without the @gtcc.edu part). Make sure to enter letters in all lowercase.

Are you getting an “Insufficient Cookies” error message?

  • You must have cookies enabled to access WebAdvisor. We recommend using Mozilla Firefox (http://www.firefox.com) to access.
  • If you are using certain types of security software such as Norton, McAfee, or AVG, etc., it may be preventing a page from opening as it should and your settings may need to be modified.

Are you getting a “Maximum Cookies” error message?

  • To correct, close your browser, wait 15 seconds, go back to WebAdvisor page directly, using http://webadvisor.gtcc.edu.
  • If the above step didn’t work, clear your browser’s cache.

How do I download a free copy of Microsoft Office 365?

  • Microsoft provides a limited copy of Office 365 for students, faculty, and staff at GTCC.
  • To download, sign into your email at http://titanlive.gtcc.edu using the same username and password that you use for all GTCC applications.
  • Find and click on “Office 365.”
  • Click the gear icon in the top right hand corner.
  • Then, select “Office 365.”
  • Click “Install now.”
  • (Note: If you already have a copy of Microsoft Office, you should uninstall that version first and restart your computer before downloading Office 365.)
  • (Note: Once your account with GTCC is disabled, your MS Office license will end.)

What about WebAdvisor? Is WebAdvisor going away too?

No.   You can log into the new My GTCC portal at https://my.gtcc.edu and access WebAdvisor without logging in again.  Look for the WebAdvisor section on your Faculty/Staff or Student default page.  You can also access WebAdvisor at https://webadvisor.gtcc.edu.

Will my login change?

No. You will log in using your Titan user name and password.

How will I register for classes?

  1. New!  Access Course Search at https://coursesearch.gtcc.edu and log in.   You can use the reports on the top left of the page to find open sections.  Then, use the links on the lower left to add sections to your preferred list.  You can search for sections by campus or other criteria.  You can also sort and filter using the column headings.  You can have your preferred list ready for registration even before registration opens!    See a video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=14&v=YRS0a7HRjC4
  2. In the WebAdvisor web application on your Student default page, click on the “Classes” section.   Use Express Registration, Register and Drop Sections, or Search/Register for Sections to register.

What about announcements

Our home page, http://www.gtcc.edu/, will still have campus-wide News, Events and Calendars.

Where are the Student Clubs?

Most of our Student Clubs now operate through Facebook or some other form of social media. There is a list of all the clubs, contact information and a Club Calendar under the Student Life tab at:  http://supportservices.gtcc.edu/student-clubs/

I’m an employee, where do I see my pay advices and leave balances?

Once you log in to https://my.gtcc.edu, and look for the WebAdvisor section on your Faculty/Staff default page.

I’m an Instructor and have to put in attendance for curriculum students. Where do I do that?

Curriculum:  You can access Web Wiz through WebAdvisor at https://webadvisor.gtcc.edu or use this link:  https://webadvisor.gtcc.edu/WA/cgi-bin/wwiz.exe/wwiz.asp?wwizmstr=WSAS.MENU   You can access Web Wiz through the WebAdvisor section of the Faculty/Staff default page, but you will have to log in again.

Continuing Education:  You can log into the new My GTCC portal at https://my.gtcc.edu and access WebAdvisor without logging in again.  On your Faculty/Staff default page, look for the WebAdvisor section and click on the Faculty menu.  Click on Adult Ed Attendance.

My GTCC has errors when I view it in Internet Explorer

View the steps follow these instructions:

    1. If you do not see the menu bar (row of words –> File Edit View Favorites Tools Help) in Internet Explorer, right click above the address bar and select Menu Bar.
    1. Click Tools and Compatibility View Settings (halfway down the list of options).
    1. Add gtcc.edu to the list of Websites you’ve added to Compatibility View.
    1. Ensure that Display intranet sites in Compatibility View and Use Microsoft compatibility lists are checked.
    1. Click Close.
    1. The page will refresh and Announcements and Events will display correctly.

I can’t find a link for …

Look for the Quick Links section on your Student or Faculty/Staff default page

How do I log in to My.GTCC?

Access: https://my.gtcc.edu and log in using your GTCC user name and password.

If I access MyGTCC in a public place, should I log off?

Yes, please log off and close the browser.

To log out of My.GTCC, click the drop-down to the right of your name on the upper right corner of the page.  Click Sign out.  Close all instances of the browser you are using.  For example, if you have multiple sessions and/or tabs of Firefox, you must close all of them after logging out of each window.

After I log in to My.GTCC, I get a Redirection error.

My.GTCC doesn’t know if you are a student or faculty/staff and so it doesn’t know which page to default for you.  Submit a support request at https://servicedesk.gtcc.edu.  However, you can navigate to the pages in the portal anyway.

Where is WebAdvisor on My.gtcc?

On the Faculty/Staff Constituency page and Student Constituency page, there is a web app named WebAdvisor.  Click on the menus to find the same WebAdvisor applications that you have used previously.  However, you don’t have to log in again!

Can I get to my GTCC email and calendar from My.gtcc?

Yes, On your faculty/staff or student constituency page, you will see web apps for Email and Calendar.  Click to access your email and calendar information.  At this time, you have to log in again, but in the future, we will have single sign-on capabilities.

Where are student forms located?

Student Forms are on the Student Services menu under Student Forms.

Faculty/Staff forms are on the Resources menu under Forms.

When I log in to My.GTCC, the wrong page is displayed

If you are both a student and faculty/staff, My.GTCC won’t know which page to display first.  You can navigate to the Student constituency page and the Faculty/Staff constituency page. If you would like to have the Faculty/Staff constituency page defaulted when you log in instead of the Student page or vice versa, please put in a request at https://servicedesk.gtcc.edu   Please include your user name and which constituency you would like defaulted:  Student or Faculty/Staff.

Why do I have to log on again when I access Email/Calendar/SSP/Moodle/Ad Astra/Service Desk/Appointment ?

At this time, single sign-on is implemented for Colleague UI/Datatel and WebAdvisor.  In the future, single sign-on will be implemented for Email and Calendar as well.

How do I get to Web Wiz from My.GTCC?

You can access the Web Wiz link from WebAdvisor or from My.GTCC.  Web Wiz is not compatible with My.GTCC, so it is the only application on the WebAdvisor menu that requires an additional login.  The Curriculum Attendance (Web Wiz) link will open in a new window.  You will need to log into WebAdvisor.  Then, you can access your attendance.

Colleague UI/Datatel Setup

​Click here for instructions on how to set up Colleague UI/Datatel.​

Issues with Colleague UI when launched from My.GTCC

​There may be an issue when people use Chrome as their default browser and launch Colleague UI from My.GTCC.   The Colleague UI browser will open normally, but then it seems to freeze and there is no choice but to close it.  When I encountered the problem, I had the user to make Internet Explorer their default browser and then Colleauge UI worked as expected.​

How do I log out of My.GTCC?

To log out of My.GTCC, click the drop-down to the right of your name on the upper right corner of the page.  ​Click Sign out.  Close all instances of the browser you are using.  For example, if you have multiple sessions and/or tabs of Firefox, you must close all of them after logging out of each window.

Why can’t I register for classes in WebAdvisor?

  • First, check here to see if you are missing any paperwork: https://applicationstatus.gtcc.edu. If you are missing paperwork, please contact admissions@gtcc.edu
  • Make sure that you have completed the pre-orientation and the orientation course first at gtcc.edu (unless you are exempt).
  • Check to see if you have any restrictions/holds on your account. Log in to the Portal at https://my.gtcc.edu to view. If you still have questions, please contact your Academic Advisor to check. (If you don’t know the contact information for your advisory, check the directory at http://directory.gtcc.edu. You can also email studentsuccesscenter@gtcc.edu for help.
  • Check to make sure that your registration time has passed. Every student receives a specific day/time when they can start to register for classes. To check:
    • Click on the WebAdvisor tab in the center.
    • Under the “Classes” heading on the left side of the page, click on “My online registration time.” It will show you the earliest date and time that you will be able to register for the upcoming semester, once it has been assigned.